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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Natalie's Graduation and Visit to Ottawa


    After two long driving days from Denver, we met Natalie and her fiance, Adam, the next morning in Paw Paw, Michigan where his folks live and where the wedding will take place in early September. We followed them to Michigan State university in East Lansing and attended a wonderful luncheon for the students getting advanced degrees in the psychology department. Then we moved on to the Michigan State basketball stadium for commencement and finished up the day with a lovely dinner with Adam's parents and Natalie's advisor.

Natalie with other PH.D. psychology candidates
 Natalie and her fellow psychology PH.D. recipient, Britny
Natalie and Britny with their advisors

Adam and Annie
At the stadium just prior to commencement.
The PH.D. candidates sat in the center surrounded by the masters' degree candidates.

Couldn't resist this photo. It's how we first spotted Natalie.
Love her orange shoes!!
What a gorgeous couple.


    Right after dinner we drove for a few hours and then spent the night just across the Canadian border. It was the easiest border crossing ever. We were the only car and he asked "Where are you from"? "Where are you going"? and "How long are you staying"? followed by "Thank you" and handed us back our passports. I hope going back into the States is as easy and quick!
    The next morning we headed out early for another long drive to Ottawa to visit Annie's brothers and childhood friends. 

THE MacDONALDS at Paul and Gloria's house.
Andrew, John, Paul, Annie and Keith
Paul, Annie and Keith
Keith, Annie and John looking at the MacDonald photo albums John created.
Back Row: Andrew, Paul, Keith, Paul's wife Gloria
Front Row: Steven, Annie, John's partner Mary, John
 Dinner with lifelong friends at Lina and Dan Hunt's lovely home.
Christine, Mary Pat, Lina and Annie
(Can you believe Mary Pat, Lina and Annie have been together since kindergarten!)
The four spouses:
Michael, Mike (not here because he was birthing lambs - seriously!), Steven and Dan
Why is the short guy always in the middle?

    Next up: Albany, New York (the state capital) and then down to Brooklyn to see Nina and her fiance.


  1. Congratulations beautiful, brilliant Natalie ! What a year 2017 is for you -- a graduation and a wedding!! And wonderful to see the MacDonald clan all together --oh what great childhood memories I have of fun at the MacDonald home on Birch avenue. And how terrific was it to have dinner with our oldest friends, Anne, Christine and Mary Pat and their husbands... Mike we missed you but know the wee little lambs needed you! xoxox

  2. Congratulations Natalie, We will see you soon